Pensacola offers a wide variety of dive sites from natural bottom limestone reefs to the world’s largest artificial reef, and the former USS Oriskany. A look at Ned DeLoach’s “Diving Guide to Underwater Florida” shows Pensacola as having more dive sites than any other area in the state of Florida. Visibility on in-shore dive sites average between 40-60 feet but it’s not unusual to 80 feet or better. Offshore reefs often see 80 to 100 foot average and the USS Oriskany can have visibility of over 200 feet.




Some of the more popular dive sites include:

  • USS Oriskany
  • Pete Tide II
  • Timber Holes
  • Dredge Avocet
  • I-10 & 3 mile bridge rubble
  • Freighter San Pablo
  • YDT-14 &15
  • Brass Wreck
  • Chevron Oil Rig
  • Battleship USS Massachusetts
  • 3 Coal Barges
  • Tex Edward Barges
  • Freighter Anteres
  • Tugboat Heron
  • Joe Patti Memorial Barge

There are many other dive sites in the area worth noting:

Mad Dog Tug/ Liberty Ship-Joseph L. Meeks/ Fort Pickens Jettie/ P.C. Barge/ Tugboat Sylvia/ Tugboat Deliverance/ Navy Camel Barge/ Oops Barge/ Blackwater Bridge Rubble/ Tugboat Born Again/ Mr. Green’s Reef- Natural Live Bottom/ Three Deck Tug/ Teneco Oil Rig/ 96 Holes- Natural Live Bottom/ Dutch Banks/ Jim Penny Barge/ Knicklebin Barge/ Paolo’s Refuge/ Catherine/ Soule Barge/ Tugboat Tessie/ Tugboat Phillip/ 3 mi. Bridge Rubble/ Merry-Go-Round Barge/ Fish Haven Pyramids/ Kingry Barge/ Gulf Power Towers/ I-10 Bridge Rubble West/ Portofino Reef/ Jacobi Reef/ Steamship Rhoda/ Steel Jetties/ Area 51